About us

MACONZ CONSTRUCT S.R.L. is a building company that can perform with its own teams and as a general contractor a wide range of building-erection works, namely:

• ASTRON System modular steel buildings Our company has been acting since 1994 on basis of a builder/dealer contract for the building systems supplied by ASTRON Luxembourg. The ASTRON systems offer a modern solution for light steel buildings, flexible and adapted to the specific requirements of every project. The ASTRON buildins suitable for a wide variaty of functions: storage facilities, production, hangars, showrooms, sports.

Beside the low weight of the structure that leads to a decreased volume of the foundations, the ASTRON systems have also the advantage of a fast erection. For instance, the first building of the COCA-COLA Bottling Plant in Ploiesti, with an area of about 28.000 m2 has been erected by MACONZ teams within only eight and a half months, a winter season included.



• MODULAR STEEL BUILDINGS in KONTI system and cladding with HOESCH and MEGAPROFILE panels.

• Concrete platforms, slabs and roads, using modern and high efficiency systems and equipments. The concrete is floated with power-trowels equipped with discs and blades and its reinforcement is ensured by steel or polypropylene fibres. The concrete surface is treated with quartz that increases its wear resistance and prevents dusting.


Casting of a concrete platform

More than 200.000 m2 of interior and exterior concrete platforms have been executed by MACONZ CONSTRUCT S.R.L.

• Polymer floor coatings (epoxidic and polyurethanic) for interior floors


Expoxy floor at British-American Tobacco

  Our development strategy hand in view the creation of a synergy of compatible activities, services and products meant to ensure the performance of our building works at the most demanding international standards.

  - Industrial buildings with steel structure and cladding
  - Concrete platforms and slabs
  - Polymeric floors

  To this effect our company made important investment in equipment and materials, suitable hardware and software.

  Our personnel graduated a series of courses and training seminars, both in Romania and abroad and our teams are in a position to perform high quality works.

• Other types of works are also performed by MACONZ teams, beside the aforesaid ones, such as:

  - Renovation and rehabilitation projects (e.g. MICHELIN Floresti, Casino CASA VERNESCU Bucharest),
  - Finishing and interior design (RED CO, MARIOTT HOTEL Bucharest)
  - Façades (Ophthalmologic Clinic in Floreasca Str. Bucharest)

• Housing spaces built in residential areas (including the interior design) represent another sector of MACONZ Company’s activities.


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